Live Bar, October 9th news the 8th round of the Premier League, Liverpool away 2-2 draw Brighton. McAllister was interviewed after the game.

When talking about this game, McAllister said: “I feel very good. I mean the atmosphere of the game and the welcome of the fans. It was a very good match. Against a very good team, we almost won the match, and then we couldn’t defend against the other side’s locating ball. In general, it was a wonderful match and we felt that we lost two points. This is a draw and we will continue to move forward.”

“We made some mistakes. As football players, this kind of thing will happen. The most important thing is how you react. I think the team’s response is very good. We scored two goals in the counterattack. But as I said, we failed to win the victory and only got 1 point.”

“We played a lot of good moments in the second half. They can’t get the ball, which is great for us. They are a strong team. They will also fight back. As I said, we only got one point and we will continue to move forward.”

“Is the result fair? I don’t know whether this is fair or not. Today I think we lost 2 points, but we will see Brighton as a top team in the future, and some top teams will also lose points here.”

(The second half of the ninth round)